Friday, 17 October 2014

Out and About

Shot of the Day

Today's photos were taken on my phone whilst out for a peddle up the Lockerbie road and a short circular via the Kerr wood and Barnglieshead. It wasn't a good day for picture taking but the sun did poke its head out fleetingly.

This Autumn seems to be lacking in colour compared to what we had last year

Its been an out and about kind of week, last Saturday Tootlepedal and I ran a condensed basic photo course for Lockerbie WRI. This was for a group of fourteen keen ladies who with our help hoped to come away with a slightly better understanding of how to compose a decent photo. I was very nervous about doing my presentation but I needn't have worried, with Tootlepedal on hand and a very appreciative audience I soon found myself relaxing and enjoying the experience. For a more detailed account of the day click on Tootlepedals blog.

It's nice how a little sunshine can enhance something so simple

Not a interesting shot but I was intrigued by what the contrast would be in B & W

On Sunday I decided to have a walk to the Scrog Wood on the side of the Castle hill. Most of my local readers will know what I mean. It's where we went as young boys to gather scrog nuts (wild hazelnuts). I was rather disappointed, plenty of hazelnut trees but no nuts. After the good spring and summer I thought there would've been an abundance but maybe I was a little late in the season and maybe a few Red Squirrels have some good hordes. As a matter of interest I looked up scrog on the web and it came up with the method of intense cannabis growing in a very small area. The scrog wood is a dense area in a relatively small area, so I suppose that ties in.
Leading on to the hill

The mole catcher's been busy.

A Scrog Nut

Very Autumnal
Sight of the Royal Observer Corps observation post. I remember my father being a proud member of the Corp.


  1. Sandy
    I noticed the metal kissing gate at the Kerr is still a gate to nowhere. This should have been moved by Buccleuch Estates several weeks ago as the metal gate is padlocked and people will walk 2 miles along the drove road to find the gate locked and the Kissing Gate in the wrong place. I shall take this up with D & G Council Access Officer again. Buccleuch make promises and never keep them so if we don't keep chasing them nothing gets done. I have the same problem with the walk at the Fairly Loupe which has been closed for weeks and is in a hell of a mess and needs a load of work doing to it before people can walk on it again. Your photo reminded me of this situation so many thanks.

  2. I did wonder about the kissing gate. I agree about the Fairy Loup. Hope it can be reasonably put back into some kind of order soon.

  3. Excellent trips, well illustrated. I particularly liked the shots from Castle Hill.

  4. I agree Sandy, a nicely photographed outing.
    Re: the kissing gate, the truth is that Dumfries and Galloway is far too large for one access officer. D & G is too big a county anyway. Time it was chopped in half. 90 miles in a straight line from Langholm to Portpatrick. More like 130 by road. Lets have Dumfries to the east and Galloway to the west.