Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Trip of a Lifetime

I'm rather late in starting to post my recent trip to Thailand but I've been tied up in getting up to date with archiving work. As this was a trip of a lifetime I went overboard with taking photographs so I'll post the trip over the next few weeks. 

The Journey consisted of two seven hour flights to Bangkok with a short stop over in Doha. We finally arrived at our hotel and after a quick shower we were keen to get out and explore  the city but after a short while we soon discovered that this wasn't a city to explore on foot and we got totally lost, but after much plodding and asking directions we finally managed to make our way back to the hotel. 

Grand Palace
After a restless night's sleep and some breakfast we decided on some a plan that involved as little walking as possible. We hired a taxi to take us to the Grand Palace. This is an amazing place and makes you stare in wonderment at the Buddhist faith and their liking for grandeur. Built in 1782 and for 150 years was the home of the Thai King.

The decoration is mind blowing.

The interior of some of the buildings were decorated with murals that obviously told of tales and legends.

Necessary work being done. I bet the scaffolding on this building is up a long as the scaffolding on the Townhead Kirk 

Boat Trip
With the prospect of rain the following day in we opted for a boat ride in the morning along the local canals or khlongs. This was my highlight of the holiday so far, there were people living in what I would consider very humble conditions but it was very interesting to see first hand how these people live.

There were some rather grander residences

Bangkok skyline.


  1. I did a trip on the canals when I was there and it was fantastic. Thanks for bringing back some happy memories. I also visited the Bridge over the River Kwai up near the Burma Border and also the POW Camps which were very sad to see.

  2. We considered the bridge and POW camps but it didn't work into our schedule but I'm sure it will be worth a visit but rather sad as you say.

  3. What a treat this set of pictures is. You certainly had a great deal of interesting things to look at. I look forward to the next instalment.

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