Thursday, 15 October 2020


 No cycling today, though the weather was much better for it than yesterday. I thought I'd give my foot a bit of a test and go for a walk instead. But before that I set about preparing a photo I took recently to go into a frame. I had everything ready and prepared, mount cutter set up, mount card selected, all systems go! First cut with a Stanley knife, I reached for where the knife is, always, on the wall, but for some unknown reason it was the only space on the wall with no tool, after a frantic search both in shed and house that was fruitless I finally gave up and walked away.

Anyway enough of my feeble ramblings I got my good camera out and drove down to the old A7 and had a stroll around the Irving House area. The autumn colours are still holding out showing off some wonderful shades of brown and gold.

Quite a few of these pictures feature the old road but I thought the roadside was showing such an abundance of colour they were worth posting

I could imagine these steps down to the riverside from the grounds of Irvine House being quite grand in their heyday, ladies with parasols and gents in top hats.

The view across the the from the steps showing the confluence of the Tarras and the river Esk....

.......and looking down stream.

After quite lengthy walk, which put my foot under quite a bit of strain I drove home, did a bit of shopping on the way and spent the rest of the day wondering where the hell missing Stanley knife is hiding.


  1. Sounds like you may be some way my state of forgetfulness. Yesterday I lost my specs with much muttering and my 15 year old grandson diplomatically queried ''could these be the specs you are wearing?''. Such is growing old!!
    (Enjoyed the photos again)

  2. Nice to know I'm not alone. I went to Latimers this morning and bought a new knife, I am now waiting for the old one to miraculously reappear. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

  3. I thought of the walk we took along there not long ago as I went past on my bike yesterday. Nice pictures.

    1. It was the thought of us being there recently that prompted me to go especially for the autumn colours.

  4. Great autumnal photos Sandy. Good to see you getting out and about on your bike. I passed you in the car recently and was past before I realised it was you so apologies for not waving to you.

  5. Thanks Gavin, I'm really enjoying getting out before winter sets in.