Monday, 6 December 2010

Not the weather for venturing out

Co-op car park

Down by the riverside
Its not been the weather for venturing out this weekend and plus the fact I've been nursing a stinker of a cold I spent most of the time indoors. This gave the chance to get to grips with a mobile phone I received from Derek at work. He bought himself a new one and passed this one on to me. It's a little more high tech than I've been used to but I'll get the hang of eventually.

We popped down to the coop on Sunday afternoon for some essentials so when Anne did the shopping I took some photos with the phone. Whilst doing this I noticed a bird I hadn't seen before feeding on seed heads by the river. On further investigation when I got home I discovered it was a Blackcap. I don't know if this is rare in these parts so if anyone can enlighten me I would be grateful.The results of the photos you can see.
 I think this morning must have been the coldest yet, the temperature never dropped below minus 9 all the way to work. The journey in was quite spectacular with the build up of frost on the trees making the countryside look like a negative of a photograph and yes, I had no camera. When I left work tonight I put the phone camera to the test again, this time the Christmas lights in Carlisle city centre was the subject. The results are quite disappointing, maybe I need a bit more practice. Tomorrow I will take my main camera and see if I can get some better shots.

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  1. I missed this one on my blog round up yesterday - always good to see some pictures of Langholm - gives me an idea how much snows landed there.