Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Power of Photoshop

Carlisle City Centre
By the time I got to the college this morning it was so unbelievably cold it felt like talons of ice were gripping my head and that was with what I thought was a cosy hat. I think I'll have to invest in something more substantial.

Part of the college was closed yesterday due to a burst pipe late on Monday afternoon. Apparently the water got into the electrics and made the fire alarms inoperable so H&S deemed it unsafe.This happened to be in the block where I work so the students a were given the day off and we were relocated for the day. It was a good opportunity to get caught up with my logs and other work. My line manager also took the opportunity and gave me my half year appraisal which went very well I'm pleased to say.

I managed to slip away slightly earlier due to the situation. This gave me the opportunity to take some photos of the Xmas lights. I still think I could have done much better so I will take my camera again in the near future.
I have just discovered an excellent way to sharpen in Photoshop CS2. I have used the unsharp mask tool for years now and have always been quite happy with the results, but I have just been experimenting with the advanced sharpening with a great deal of help from a site on the internet.
Before Sharpening

After Sharpening
OK this might not be perfect but I'm sure you can see a significant difference and it also shows the power of Photoshop. If any of you bloggers out there have some good reasonably simple photoshop tips please share them with me. The Panorama of the city centre was also experimental.

 Just to  left of the Bandstand is the Crown & Mitre Hotel where I'm going for Xmas lunch on saturday with Carlisle Mencap. This is a wonderful organisation both nationally and locally, with which I have done a lot of work with off and on over the last few years so it will be nice to get caught up with some of the clients and staff. Hopefully I will report about this on a blog in the near future.

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