Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Seasonal Feel

A Comfortable Silence
It was just Tom and I at the Archive Centre on Thursday night as Jean was feeling a bit under the weather and decided to give it a miss. We worked away in  comfortable silence for a good hour Tom entering the latest E & L entries and I setting about choosing new photos for the window display. After our usual weekly dose of Deuchars I stopped off at Tom's to get the window pics printed as the archive printer was in need of a new cartridge. I still think the "Happy Christmas" poster should have had some images of holly.

An early bus home
Friday was staff conference day at college. We have these twice a year and although some sessions can be a little tedious it gives the staff a chance to mix with each other. The conference was finished by 3 o'clock which meant I could catch an early bus home. In the evening I went and put up the photos in the Archive Centre window and used some tinsel and baubles I found in one of the drawers to give the window a seasonal feel. It would have been even better if the poster had holly on it. 

A light dusting of snow
On Saturday morning we awoke to a light dusting of snow. After breakfast and topping up the bird feeders I went to the garage to get one of the headlight bulbs replaced on the car before I set off to Cochranes  nurseries at Longtown to pick up some Christmas wreaths then on to Blendbetter Pet Foods at West Linton for bird nuts. It was a nice surprise when I went to pay for them and discovered they had went down in  price. On the way home I came via the feeding station that I read about on Tootlepedal's blog . There was a fair bit of activity but as it was very chilly and didn't have the proper attire for standing about for a long period I decided to head for the comfort of home with the intentions of returning at a later date, hopefully when Dr Barlow is doing a ringing session.  

They came in their thousands
After lunch I arrange to meet up with Fred at the Service Station north of Gretna to see the starlings. It was a beautiful evening and the sunset provided a nice background. The starlings came in their thousands and as this was the first time Fred had witnessed this spectacle he was very impressed. On my part I was a little disappointed as they seemed to fly close to the ground and there was no great Ariel display that is customary with starlings, but on the whole it was well worth the trip and I'll be returning in the near future. After a nice hot cup of coffee in the Service Station we parted company and I headed for home. 

Saturday nights wont be the same

Both Mrs Gill and I sat down to watch the final of Strictly Come Dancing, which I have become a great fan of due to Mrs Gill's enthusiasm for the show. Later I watched the final episodes of the Killing. Like Tootlepedal this is my favourite drama on TV and Saturday nights wont be the same especially after next week when Merlin finishes.


  1. Starling photographs are excellent. I have not been to see them this year yet but will maybe go when my son in law is here for Christmas as he is very keen to see them.

  2. Great blog. I keep meaning to go back to the starlings again.

    Tinsel? Baubles? Anyone would think it was Christmas soon.