Saturday, 24 December 2011

A Merry Christmas

"Hi there, you haven't seen a sleigh and a motley bunch of reindeer have you"

Fred sent me this photo of Santa whom he met when he was out walking in the Lakes recently. Santa had lost his sleigh and reindeer. Fred said he was very cheery and was sure that Rudolph & co would return soon. With a Ho! HO! HO! he department to look some more. We'll find out if they did on Christmas morning. Wont we children?
A Pleasant Present Exchange
Yesterday I arranged to meet Neil, Kate and the boys at Tesco's at Galashiels to exchange Christmas presents. Joe and Sandy were well behaved though I got the impression there was some excitement being suppressed. Kate and the boys went off to do some shopping whilst Neil  and I went for a coffee. During our discussion I discovered that I had booked tickets for Fred and I to go and see Chris Packham at the Buccleuch Centre on the 4th February only to realise that it clashed with the Scotland V England for which Neil has got me tickets for my Christmas, so that was to sort out when I got home. A shame really as I was really looking forward to seeing Chris Packham but a chance of a rare day out with my son won easily.

Beef verses Turkey
When I woke this morning, 8am I thought it was much earlier it was so gloomy. I think Tootlepedal was right the darkest hour was before dawn but this was well after. Later I popped down to the butchers to purchase a nice bit of silver side beef. I fancied this rather than turkey this year, just for a change. I then went on to the Co-op for some odds and ends only to discover their sides of beef were going for half price, but I think I got the better quality beef. 

Photos on the feeder
After a lunch of corned beef sandwiches I retired to hide in the green house to take some bird photos on the feeder. I don't think they match to Tootlepedal's bird photos but despite the gloomy light and the help of computer magic I'll leave you with my results. Also a very merry Christmas to anyone who reads my blog.

"I'll get that nut before he does"

A humming sparrow


  1. Excellent bird pictures. Lucky chap to have a woodpecker too. I like your flying blue tit most. Have a good Christmas.

  2. Only the best homes have a resident Woodpecker. Hannah and I went to top up the Moorland Feeder Station on Saturday and only managed a brief glimpse of a Woodpecker so hopefully we will have better luck tomorrow. Lucky man getting tickets for Scotland v England at Murrayfield and i feel this year we might just beat the English.