Wednesday, 12 December 2012

More Practice

Shot of the Day

My shot of the day was  taken at the north end of the Castleholm 

Tootlepedal phoned me just after lunch to see if I was up to a gentle stroll round the Castleholm and by the pheasant pens near Holmhead. I said I would finish off the chicken soup I was busy making and I would join him in half an hour.

We went by way of Mary Street where we met local tradesmen Ross, Craig and Gary. Here we see Gary taking a great interest in what Tootlepedal is up too, but I see Ross has attached a piece of string attached to Gary's head so he doesn't stray too far.

My attempt at a flying bird which I think isn't too bad but more practise is needed

 I was impressed by the way the light was striking these trees

 The snow picks out the line of the branches quite nicely.

If you go out to take photos on a dull day, it is always a good idea to get your friend to wear a red coat or hat

Looking south from the Dowies Pool

One of many pheasants that are lying about at the moment

As we were approaching the Duchess bridge we met Bobby Harvey walking this rather handsome Setter.

Duchess Bridge

After having the delicious chicken soup I made earlier for tea I picked up Tom & Jean to go to the Archive Centre. The work I am doing at the moment is rather painstaking but the effort the author has put in to record the events needs to be recorded. Hopefully over the festive season I can enter them into the Archive website. This was followed by our usual visit to the Douglas Hotel. 


  1. Interesting to see a different view of our walk. I liked the sepia picture in particular.

  2. I thought the sepia worked rather well.