Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Moonlit Landscapes

Shot of the Day
The lights coming from vehicles can be seen travelling south on the A 7

After observing the very impressive full moon last night that Tootlepedal and I observed on the way to the camera club, I decided if the conditions were similar tonight I would attempt getting some shots. The moon seemed to be later in making an appearance tonight than last night but maybe it was just my imagination. 

When I saw the tell tale glow appear behind Whita I set off in the hope of getting something interesting. Before that I trawled the internet for information on getting good moon shots but unless you've got at least a 500 mm lens it is very difficult to get it right. I had a few feeble attempts but decided to try my hand at some moonlight landscapes. 

They turned out to be a bit more satisfactory.

After about an hour of experimenting with different apertures and shutter speeds I had to give up as my hands had very little feeling due to the bitter cold and it was getting increasingly difficult to operate the camera. I packed up my gear and headed home for a nice warm cup of tea.


  1. A star studded set of photos, well worth some chilly fingers.

  2. They're just about thawed out.

  3. Excellent photos! I've been meaning to do some moonscapes, but my schedule makes that difficult.

  4. I've never tried moonscapes-these are beautiful. I'll have to give it a try once it warms up.

    1. and I'll try it again when it is a bit warmer.

  5. A nice of pictures Sandy. Your moon shot isn't bad, I spent ages trying to get my camera settings right and like you I trawled the net to find the best method. I can never remember the settings, but have them written down and handy.