Sunday, 31 March 2013

Goats Trains and Canals

Shot of the Day

The following photos I have posted to compliment Tootlepedals post of yesterday (Wild, Woolly and Playing with Trains). As you can see it was a day of varied photo opportunities and as always the delightful pleasure of Tootlepedals company.

of the goats we encountered

A distant cousin?

 Our journey took us to Whitrope where this cheery rail enthusiast along with others are slowly restoring a small part of the old Waverly Line.

Tootlepedal listens intently 

When we returned to Langholm I had to have quick wash and change as I had been invited to Carole and Malcolm's in Carlisle to stay the night. Carole had ordered an Indian takeaway for the early part of the evening then we were asked to Friends of Carole and Malcolm's for drinks later along with Pat Harris.

Easter Sunday

Shot of the Day

The plan for Easter Sunday was to have a walk on Burgh Marsh then on to Bowness on Solway for  Sunday lunch at The Kings Arms Inn at Bowness on Solway where we had a delightful meal at a very reasonable price. 

Whita hill appears in the distance.

The ridges are an example of the ancient method of ridge and furrow ploughing.

Malcolm Pat and Carole

Lakeland fells to the south west

Galloway hills to the north west


Spring is here

Salt marsh lambs

Start of the old Port Carlisle to Carlisle canal


  1. The trains are nice to see and the hills are beautiful, as usual. The ridge and furrow method of plowing is especially interesting-I had never heard of it. Thanks for an excellent post!

  2. I had never heard of either until Malcolm pointed it out.
    It's always nice to learn something new.

  3. Great shot of the viaduct as well as some good work out on the marshes. You had a busy weekend.

  4. It was indeed a busy weekend, but most enjoyable.

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