Monday, 4 March 2013

Intrepid Snappers

Shot of the Day
A pair of intrepid snappers

All in all it was a pleasant weekend. The weather was being kind which meant the chance of some good photos. On Saturday morning I went to the Producers Market, mainly to purchase some haggis along with scotch pies, cheese and bread. I was told by a fellow blogger Gavin Graham that coffee was waiting at Wauchope Cottage Cafe. 

Over coffee we discussed where we could go for a photo trip. After a lot of deliberating we decided to go over the border to Kirkandrews on Esk. More on this trip can be seen on Tootlepedals blog.

After spending a very pleasant hour we headed home  via Canonbie.

 Can you see the initials and date in the gate?

I admired these strange growths on these Birch trees

A cup of tea now beckoned at Wauchope Cottage so we headed home.

This is one of the stones on the edge of Mrs Tootlepedals pond

A wooing frog

In the evening I went to the Buccleuch Centre with a colleague from Carlisle College to see A young dance group from Natal South Africa called Zulu Tradition. Every now and again the centre comes up with something different and very special and this was one of these nights. 


  1. The growths on the birches look like witch's brooms, which are a deformation of the branches possibly caused by disease or injury. You can read all about them here:'s_broom

  2. Thank you for the information. There is quite a few trees in our area with these growths.

    1. You're welcome. We usually see them on our native blueberry bushes. They don't seem to harm them any.

  3. I like the varied slants of the tombstones at Kirkandrews,

  4. Looking at photo the church is at a slant!