Sunday, 17 November 2013

Bright Start Dull Finish

Shot of the Day
My Shot of the day lacks sharpness but the different fungi appeals to my imagination. I'm reading a charming novel at the moment titled The Little Grey Men and I can imagine this being very much part of their world. Well worth a read.

I received a phone call from Tootlepedal inviting me to join him for coffee at 10:30am followed by a short walk with the cameras. While we were enjoying our coffee Mrs Tootlepedal arrived back from choir singing at the morning service, she was extremely cheerful. While Tootlepedal was organizing himself I decided to nip back home and get myself a warmer jacket. When I returned Mrs Tootlepedal was preparing to go for a pedal and we set off with the intention of going round Gaskell's walk. We got as far as the pool corner we were overtaken by still very cherry Mrs T.

These grasses caught my eye as we passed the Pool Corner.

As did the larch trees

As we approached the Auld Stane Brig we were intrigued by the fern growing in the hawthorn bush.

The Auld Stane Brig 

A view of the bridge that you only get the Winter months

We'll return in the spring to see if any Herons' return to this nest.

A long neglected builders yard.

 Three of our popular local walks

Stubholm Brae

I love mossy walls.

We arrived back at Wauchope Cottage at exactly the same time as Mrs Tootlepedal. As the day was starting to get duller we abandoned any idea that we had of going to Gretna to see the Starlings and I returned home for some lunch and to watch Scotland play South Africa at rugby. The first half was very disappointing on Scotland's behalf but they put in a brave but futile attempt to cross the Springboks line. The final score was Scotland 0 South Africa 28. So it was a bright start to the day but a dull finish.


  1. One thing I like about this time of years is how the views open up. That fern in the hawthorn is really odd. I don't think I've ever seen one do that.

  2. Fern growing in trees is a common feature around here. I'll make a point to post some more in the near future.

  3. The forest is fabulous at this time of year. Lovely pictures Sandy