Sunday, 15 December 2013

Catching Up

Shot of the Day

For some reason my blogs have been a bit thin on the ground recently. It's not as though I'm short of photographic material as I've been out with Tootlepedal on regular basis. It's just that when I get home I cant seem to get myself around to start preparing the images and composing a blog. Anyway Tootlepedal phoned me this morning to see if I fancied a stroll around the pheasant pens by Holmhead. 

We parked at the Kilngreen and continued on foot across the Sawmill brig stopping to watch a Heron watching for a passing fish.
The main purpose of the stroll was to lookout for lichen and fungi.

We weren't disappointed

 The noise when this tree split in the recent gales must have been tremendous 

 I get a feeling of vertigo

We returned to the Kilngreen where I left Tootlepedal trying to get a flying bird of the day photo and walked into town to pick up my car where I had left it last night.

The following is from a recent stroll

These last two are reflections in a large puddle

I tried to download a recent time lapse video but somehow it doesn't want to
download, so back to the drawing board as they say!


  1. You found some great examples of lichens and fungi!

  2. I often feel the same about posting Sandy, I've said a few times I'll take a break from blogging, I may do one of these days, but If i've had a good time taking pictures I do like to share them, just as I like to look at others photographs.
    You take some wonderful pictures. I wish the murmurations of starlings you get over your way would head west once in a while.
    Great puddle reflections too.

  3. A splendid record of two very enjoyable walks.