Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Monumental Slip Up

Shot of the Day

The mist coming down over Whita Hill this morning prompted me to get dressed and head up the hill and try some shots with time lapse in mind. I bought a Sunday newspaper to pass the time as the camera would be clicking away on it's own. By the time I got there all signs of the mist had disappeared, "typical" I thought. I drove past the White Yett to see what there was to see on the back of the hill. I was met by this sight.

The mist just filled the Tarras Valley. I wasted no time and soon the camera was clicking away on it's own. ( Hopefully the time lapse sequence will appear at a later date) After a while I got a text from Tootlepedal saying he had returned from his pedal ad to call in on my way home. I stayed another 30 minutes to finish the sequence before packing up. I called at Wauchope Cottage on the way home and arranged an outing to the monument after lunch. 

We parked my car at the Hugh McDiarmid  memorial and headed up the track towards the monument. Although it's the 1st of December it felt more like a warm day in September and the walk up was only hampered by walking directly into the sun, but was worth the effort of squinting as the view on all sides was breathtaking. 

Looking down over the town

We were joined for a short time by retired school janitor Bob Laidlaw. Bob had a brief rest on the seat and continued on his walk.

Looking over the Solway Firth

I suggested we walked down the face of the hill to Wauchope Cottage where Tootlepedal could drive me back up to pick up my car. This turned out not to be a good idea. On the way down I slipped in marshy patch and had to continue the rest of the walk rather damp and to top it all, when we arrived home Tootlepedal discovered he'd left his car and house keys in my car. As it was my idea to walk back I take full responsibility, but all turned out well as a kindly neighbor ran us up to collect my car.


  1. What is the shot of the day of? Is it a piece of artwork? It looks great with the sun shining through it.
    I took a fall yesterday, so I can imagine how you felt. At least there were no injuries on either side of the Atlantic.
    I'm looking forward to the time lapse. Those are always interesting.

  2. Great shots, well worth a wet bum.

  3. What great shots Sandy, absolutely stunning.