Wednesday, 13 August 2014

An Achievment.

Shot of the Day

I woke this morning feeling quite perky I decided to couple my turn at the feeder station with a lengthy pedal. After filling the feeders I continued on towards Claygate heading for the Hollows. I crossed the A7 and on by the Kerr wood coming out at Wauchope School house. When I got back into town I called in at Wauchope Cottage on the off chance of a cup of coffee. Tootlepedal had just returned from seeing his doctor and said he was feeling rather sore at that moment. Mrs Tootlepedal had also returned from bike ride so coffee and biscuits were very welcome. I left having arranged with Tootlepedal to go for jaunt later in the afternoon. My distance was 16 miles, an achievement in my book.
Heading towards Ryehills.

 Looking towards Whita from the Kerr wood.

 Signs of Autumn

After lunch I kept myself busy by cutting the lawn and tidying up the shed. I got a phone call from from Tootlepedal saying he was ready for a jaunt. We headed for Longtown so I could take back the rear view mirror I purchased lately thinking it was the wrong size fitting but after some expert advice I came away much wiser. We were on the hunt for bridge picture for the Themed Photograph section in the Canonbie Show. Our intention was to stop at the bridge at Penton which crosses the border between Scotland and England.

Here's a selection


  1. Nice bridge pictures.

  2. That is a very photogenic bridge. I hope it won something.
    Nice shot of the butterfly!

  3. It's a lovely bridge it's also a very popular bathing spot. I got second place with the picture.

  4. I keep promising myself I'll get back on my bike Sandy. One of these days !
    Well done you.
    Some great pictures, I like your brambles picture, ours are very succulent and tasty now.
    I love that bridge, we've got some of the best in the U.K here in Scotland.