Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Shot of the Day

I went and stayed with my family in Haddington over the weekend. Apart from going to see my grandson's the main reason for my visit was to attend the annual Airshow at the Museum of Flight which I had attended last year. This is a very popular event which caused tail backs going from the venue several miles along the A1 towards Edinburgh but this is when a bit local knowledge comes in handy and after a little detour along some back roads we were soon at East Fortune. We were entertained throughout the afternoon with some spectacular flying skills but the main attraction of the day were the Red Arrows who gave a stunning and spectacular display. 

We left early to avoid the ensuing congestion. I spent most of the weekend playing swing-ball with Sandy, he has become very skillful at this and try as I may I just couldn't beat him. It was a pleasant weekend and it was nice to spend some family time. On Sunday morning Kate left with the boys to go on a camping trip to Crieff and after lunch I headed for home leaving Neil to do some jobs around the garden.


  1. Just love the Red Arrows. A few years ago we were on Cyprus where they do their training for the air displays in the summer and we were lucky to sit on the beach several mornings while they rehearsed overhead.

  2. What a fantastic picture of the day...I wish that I had been there.