Thursday, 23 July 2015

Life Changing Decisions

Shot of the Day

Just a very brief blog today to get myself into the swing of things after a lengthy blogging absence. I woke at 5am this morning and unable to get back to sleep I got up, and after a cup of tea I went to the moorland feeder station to fill the feeders. At 6am there was plenty of bird life. I sat in the hide for an hour enjoying the early morning spectacle and peacefulness.

The hide looking good in the morning sunlight, both inside 

.......and out!

Plenty of bird life

Nice early morning light

I've made two life changing decisions since I last posted. I've abandoned the project I had with my little bungalow and have decided to stay where I am and the other is that I've retired from work. The project was slow moving and becoming very stressful I decided it was time to reevaluate my life and put the bungalow up for sale and just enjoy my retirement.


  1. Welcome back. Lovely early morning shots.

  2. Welcome back Sandy we have missed you. Two good decisions and welcome to the world of retirement where you make the job fit the time available to do it. Also a little bird that looks like Kenny Bell told me you might like a go at bowling so how about a game with Tom and me at the LOTBC before the season ends. maybe early August after Common riding is over.

  3. What a lovely way to spend an early morning hour. I love the time I spend in the Bird Hide, usually on a Saturday morning when I top up the feeders.

  4. Thanks for your comments Gavin, I'm certainly up for a game of bowls in the near future.