Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A Leisurley Walk

It looked like an other fine day was on the cards when I woke up this morning which encourage me to get up and appreciate another day of good weather that has descended upon us. After a cup of tea I drove down to the Co-op for some odds and ends. I took my pocket cam with the intentions of a quick stroll to the Skippers Bridge and back to the car park, this turned into a very enjoyable and leisurely walk up by the round house and back by Hallpath.

This crow was tucking in to a muffin I'd left out the previous evening

I see the dreaded Japanese knot weed is starting to raise its ugly head along the river bank.

Part of the old railway banking has recently been cleared of the lovely but invasive rhododendron. 

 Here you can see where the clearance stops, I presume it's adjoining property and perhaps the neighbors may follow suit at some point.

Many a travelers thirst'll have been slaked at this drinking well at the Skippers bridge

I paused to take a shot of the Skippers bridge in fear that someone may have missed it.

Nice to see the fresh growth on the trees

Matt has obviously passed this way in the past..... has some sweethearts.

I continued along the old railway track....

......on up to the round house.

 I sat a while and admired the view across the town before heading home for a late breakfast.


  1. The river looked very calm for such a breezy day later.