Monday, 10 October 2016

Being Blessed

We have being blessed lately with nice sunny days and today was no exception, and once again we woke up to blue skies and a pallet of autumnal colours.

 After breakfast I worked on a collection of photographs for an hour or so that I am preparing for to put on the Langholm Archive website before taking a stroll around lodge walks. 

I just love the dappled light coming through the trees in the wood at Holmwood.

Looking downriver from Jubilee Bridge......

.......and looking upriver.

This tree really intrigued me, as to why one side is well into Autumn and the other side still thinks it's still in summer.

Duchess Bridge

This calf had separated its self from the rest of the gang....must've been a bit of a tiff.

Some of Rob Waite's on going chainsaw carving

Rob's workshop.

Some trees on the Lodge Walks have been felled lately due to a disease that attacks the roots. rather than let it take its course Buccleuch Estates took the option to fell before the situation was a danger to the public. 

This tree, which may be a Douglas Fir was well away at the base.

At lunchtime I headed into Carlisle with purpose of looking for a new jacket to go on holiday with at the end of the month. The new Primark didn't have much to offer in what I wanted plus the fact it was too busy for comfort. After visiting several shops I found what I was looking for with some help from my ex college colleague and good friend Christine.

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  1. You made good use of the blessed weather.