Tuesday, 11 October 2016

What Was The Green Door.

Recently I have been in the habit off wakening up at around 6am in the morning, instead of tossing and turning and trying to get back to sleep I have been getting up and doing some archive work and catching up on sleep later. At the moment I am working on some scrapbooks we were given by Liz Ewart that belonged to Matt Ewart. This is an interesting task which covers Common Ridings from 1901 until 1950, and can be viewed on Langholm Archives under Matt Ewart (scrapbooks) in the individual drop-down box.

Later in the morning I received a text from Tootlepedal asking if I would like to go down for coffee. Both Mr and Mrs Tootlepedal were in a cheerful mood when I arrived. Among other things, we discussed where we could go for a walk later in the day. I returned home feeling quite cheery and had some lunch of leftover homemade pizza while in the meantime Tootlepedal went up to the archive Centre to copy some heritage DVD's for the tourist information hub.

After lunch I picked up Tootlepedal and we headed down the Tarras Road and parked at the Green Door, or what was the green door.

We walked uo the path towards the old railway foot crossing....

....passing this tree that has always intrigued me with it's twisted growth

We're headed up towards the old railway line and took the path cuts to the left up a short steep incline and on up to the main path that passes Jenny Nobles. 

 There was an abundance of acorns.

We had a splendid view of The Middleholms....

....and were a source of interest to these sheep.

There was an abundance of colour and stunning views.

 We passed through Broomholm Sheils farm yard...

...and made our way back along the Tarras road, stopping of to admire the colours.

The wall along the road always has something interesting to photograph.

Arriving back at the car we headed to Skippers Bridge...

.....where there is some of the best views in Langholm and always a reminder as to why I love the place.

We spent some time watching fish breaking the surface...

....but couldn't catch a shot of any actually jumping, but it was a nice relaxing experience.

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