Thursday, 12 January 2017

Should've Gone to Specsavers

I got quite a surprise when I drew the curtains back this morning and saw a blanket of fresh snow that had fallen quite unexpectedly to me anyway during the night.

The scene from my study this morning, the only hint of colour is the blue barrel next to the greenhouse.

I had nothing planned for the day other than a visit to Specsavers to pick up an accessory for my hearing aid or hearing instruments as they are referred to now. I arrived an hour early for my appointment so after a cup of coffee I had a walk round some of the older parts of Carlisle. The city and cathedral are small as far as other cities and cathedrals go but it's steeped in history and still has some quaint charm and also has managed to retain buildings that reflect that history.

The Sportsman Inn looking towards the Tythe Barn leading to West Walls.

West Walls......

Looking back along West Walls

The wall itself, hard to imagine this was a part of great defense that surrounded the city centuries ago.

Dean Tait's Lane leading to the junction between Abbey and Paternoster Row.

The entrance to the cathedral grounds from Abbey Street.

The exit onto Abbey Street and Paternoster Row.

The Fratry .

Seems to be some extensive works being done to the Cathedral.

The cathedral entrance.

No scaffolding this side.

The Guildhall and Fisher Street.

The old Town Hall and Mercat Cross

A bit more up to date but still as grand The Crown and Mitre.

Carlisle infamous lanes system was demolished in the early eighties and replaced with a brand new shopping centre that was well designed and has maintained its popularity over the years.

I seemed to have omitted the most important building of the lot, Carlisle Castle. I'll pop that in some post in the near future.

Finally it was time for my appointment which went well and I got undivided attention from my audiologist Amber who also happens to be an ex neighbour from way back so it's nice to catch up with her occasionally. While I had been  in Specsavers I had a text from Tootlepedal inviting me for coffee but sadly I had to forgo the invitation and settled for some lunch in town. Click here if you want to find out  how his day has gone.

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  1. You missed a good walk but I like your pictures of Carlisle.