Thursday, 3 October 2019

A Nice Autumn Stroll

There was quite a bit of ground frost when I pulled back the curtains this morning, according to the temperature gauge it had dropped to -1.9° outside at some point during the night. After breakfast I went to do my turn at the moorland feeders. The birds mustn't be very hungry at the moment of there is plenty of autumn fruit as the feeders were still partially full. I have noticed there is an abundance of haws this year so I would imagine the birds are gorging on them and other fruits and seeds.

When I returned home I set about giving the shower room a really good clean and polished all the chrome items so everything is sparkling and sanitized now. After lunch I pored over The Langholm Paper for a while and got caught up with local news there was some interesting and varied reading. Later I decided to have a stroll the loaning towards the Becks Burn as I hadn't been that way in a while, unfortunately it was quite cold and apart from the fact that I wasn't dressed properly it also was threatening to rain so after a short while I turned and headed home. I did manage to get some shots along the way even though the light was poor.

There's lots of die back in the hedgerows now.

I liked the deep red of these hips.

There is an abundance of crab apples.

Two young riders out for a gentle ride.

A ghostly looking tree,

A bit forlorn looking.

It's interesting how some trees shed their leaves quickly and others hold on for much longer.

These fungi were growing at the foot of the wall at the top of Jimmy's Brae

I't hard to believe that this was the sight of one of the most popular and busiest pubs in the town back in the eighties. 


  1. You managed to get a lot of good pictures in spite of the gloomy weather.

  2. Particularly liked the crab apple photo and the mysterious path through the foliage.
    We have been frequent visitors to Langholm since 1965 and cannot remember the pub you refer to, was it in Holmwood and what was the name?

  3. The pub was called The Monument Bar and was part of Holmwood House when it was a hotel. Not sure about dates but I think it ran from early seventies until mid to late eighties. The Monument bar would be the old coach house/garage which was converted. The house has just been sold at auction and as far as I know it is being turned back into private use.

  4. Replies
    1. There seems to be an abundance this year Gavin.