Sunday, 6 October 2019

Free Wheeling.

My Ebike had it's first service last week so on Saturday I decided to give it a good run out. I headed of with the intention of cycling over the hill to Newcastleton and back by Harelaw and Claygate. The climb from Whitsheils to the White Yett was fairly easy but some effort was needed, the climb from Tarras Lodge to the county boundary needed a bit more effort then it was freewheeling into Newcastleton. The rest of the journey was very pleasurable with no real challenges along they way. I arrived home 2½ hrs later having covered 26 miles, this used 4/5 of the battery so if I intend to go on further trips I need to plan my journey where I can stop somewhere and recharge the battery, either that or use a mode that uses less power but that means more effort from the cyclist.

A few shots I took along the way.


  1. Over 1000ft with a song and a smile, what a tribute to the bike.

  2. I have often thought about buying an Electric bike but as long as I am able to walk I will resist. Maybe in a few years time.