Monday, 28 October 2019

Varying My Routes

We woke to brilliant sunshine and Sub-zero temperatures this morning with -2° C showing on the thermometer. It seemed to be a good day to get out on the e-bike but I had to wait until the temperature had risen to a more comfortable level before venturing out. I whiled away the time by putting a week into the E&L  database.

When the temperature rose to 8 degrees I got togged up, and fueled myself up with a bowl of hot porridge before setting off up the Wauchope Road. Most of my pedals have been in the Solwaybank area, where there are no demanding hills and the roads are relevantly quiet and there is plenty or route variations which suits me fine and doesn't make too much demand on the bike battery, usually three bars out of five are used up when I get home. 

My route on this occasion took me over Callister and onto the Waterbeck road. At about two miles before Waterbeck I turned off and headed towards Solwaybank, this was a new route for me in that area and it was very pleasant pedaling in the sunshine. I met no traffic on the new section to Solwaybank but I did get a cheery wave from a cyclist going in the opposite direction. 

I stopped for a quick rest at Westwater Cottage before setting off up Callister.

It was very pleasant cycling down this country lane.....

...... with the sunshine on the autumn leaves providing a colourful canopy.

This chestnut tree was quite striking to the eye but doesn't quite come over on camera.

The deep red of the haws caught my eye.

The pine needles looked set to come off in the next strong wind, but for the moment they are adding their own contribution to the autumn palet. 

Looking towards the Pennines.

Heading home

When I arrived back on the Wauchope road the first person I met was Tootlepedal who was out for a light pedal after his weekend singing with Carlisle Choir in Glasgow, he said it was a good weekend but very tiring, we chatted for a few moments then I waved goodbye and headed home for a nice hot shower.


  1. A good ride, nicely illustrated.

  2. Great autumnal photos Sandy. There is nothing quite like a bowl of porridge for getting you going in the morning. You seem to be really enjoying getting out on the bike.

    1. I'm getting out as much as I can Gavin before the winter weather sets in and yes I'm really enjoying it>

  3. 'looking towards the Pennines' is a cracking photo.All of your routes remind me how lucky I was to move to the area in 1960. Thre was only one other 'serious' cyclist in the town then as rugby was very strong with 3 or 4 teams turning out.The late Dougie Feltham and I and put in many miles together,we were members of Carlisle cycling clubs. The quiet roads and scenery make Langholm a lovely place for cycling.

    1. I think Carlisle cycling club is still going strong but under the name of Border City Wheeler's.

  4. Just a thought------has anyone considered a booklet for cyclsts similar to 'Langholm Walks' showing places of interest etc.?

  5. That's an interesting thought, I'll look into that.