Sunday, 8 December 2019

Another Gray Day

We woke to another gray day, so gray in fact that we never got much daylight throughout the day. I've put the ebike away for the winter months which is why I've not posted for a while and also I'm having on going trouble with sciatica at the the moment and having to work through the pain barrier in the mornings. 

I spent the morning leisurely putting  a week into the archive database, then went for a stroll round the Castleholm to ease my back problem, this certainly works and the rest of the day was relatively pain free. 

Apparently we had a bit of a storm through the night to which I was oblivious. This tree came down just along the road, luckily it fell away from the houses in the background

I paused on the Galaside to watch a rugby match that was being played on the 3G pitch.....

.......between Langholm U14's and Annan U14's

This tree trunk caught my eye on Mary Street.

A fair bit of water passing through the arches,

This is one of a pair of dippers that were dipping along the edge of the river.

Both the Esk and Ewes rivers were quite full from last nights rain.

Staying close to shore

An attractive walk at anytime of year, even on a gray day.