Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Las Vegas

I have recently returned from a  trip to Las Vegas and Mexico with my friends Kenny and George, this was truly an amazing experience. Las Vegas must be one of the most vibrant places to visit in the world. The city is constantly on the go and the sound  the gaming machines in the casinos can be heard night and day throughout the city. There is scaled down replicas of world landmarks and buildings, the Statue of Liberty on the strip, the Eiffel Tower dominating the walkway and a trip in a gondola under the Bridge of Sighs into St Marks Square. The journey also included at helicopter fligh to the Grand Canyon which I will do as a separate blog later as I will with the Mexico part. 

The Statue of Liberty stands sentinel over Las Vega Boulevard better known as The Strip.

Inside The Venetian

The world famous Caesars Palace.... 

......the foyer.....

......the casino.

Everything in Vegas is on a massive scale which I found hard to take in, most hotels had there own shopping malls which some would have made some shopping centers in the UK look like village stores, but as one person said it's all designed to take the dollar out of your pocket, which it certainly did....but what the hell, I'll probably never be back.

Kenny and George pose outside the Luxor Hotel our living quarters for the week.

The purpose of this building defies the imagination.

Buildings that watch over you

We tooka trip to Freemont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, This apparently was the original strip. This was another mind blowing experience and must be seen to appreciate the craziness of the place.

The whole street is covered with a canopy that gives off the most amazing light show in the evenings.

 And for those of you that I haven't sent to sleep with boredom I leave you with some random Vegas shots and will post our Grand Canyon trip in the near future.


  1. I can't say that I'm sorry that I've never been to Las Vegas, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'd love to explore the desert that surrounds it.

    1. It wasn't my first choice of destination but so glad I went.

  2. Judging from the array of photos, you must have arrived home totally exhausted! I envy you the helicopter trip to the dam - that's one thing I'd like to do, eventually. Re. the odd looking building - it's actually a hospital, believe it or not! Frank Gehry is fond of designing with rippling metal - fine, as long as you don't live across the street from one of his buildings when the sun is at full strength!

  3. Thanks for your comments,was that building up for an architectual award once?

  4. Thanks for your comments,was that building up for an architectual award once?

    1. Not that I know of, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen! I know that Gehry himself won the Pritzker Prize. Not my cup of tea, but then the world would be a very boring place if every building were the same and everyone had the same taste!

  5. An amazing place Sandy. I must say though 4 days was enough for us especially after I lost $1 on a slot machine. You really wonder why they built a place like this in the middle of a desert when they are now struggling to get enough water for it. There is a big battle on between Arizona and Utah over water as Utah has refused to provide them with more.