Wednesday, 28 December 2016

That Sunday Feeling.

After a very nice Christmas with a friend in Carlisle I traveled to Haddington to spend a few days with my Grandchildren. They got the presents they wanted from their parents, so they were very happy boys when I arrived.  After exchanging presents we sat down to a nice meal of roast ham and left over trimmings, then played games.
The following day I took myself a walk down by the river. It was hard to accept it was Tuesday it had more of a Sunday feeling. The walk was pleasant and mild for the time of year and there were many like minded people taking the same opportunity.

 Looking up river the light produced an almost monochromatic effect, whilst......

.....down river it appeared much more colourful.

Farther down river I paused to admire the light on the water cascading over the weir which originally produced the power for he local textile mills, which are all gone now.

A duck race.

I liked the line of the trees

The Tyne seems to take on an almost quintessential English appearance. 

Probably this is the only building left that the water at the weir was divert to run It is know run by the Lamp of Lothian Trust.

Before I left the Tyne I stopped take take a shot of the Nungate bridge and the Waterside Inn, before setting off home.... pass by the windows at the enteranct to the John Gray Centre.

The strange growths on this tree took my eye..... did this growth on a post did.


  1. Good to see your blog up and running again, I can recommend the Town House chipshop in Haddington ----- outstanding !!

  2. Thanks, I'll definitely try a fish supper next time I'm up.

  3. You did Haddington proud with this post.

  4. Not hard to do in Haddington.